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About WBQ Consulting

WBQ Consulting is focuses on one thing: Giving you a high value experience.

By providing the individual, small and medium business access to the best and simplest way to command a presence on the web through good Web Design, Email Campaigns, Blogging and Content Management System architectures, SEO and SEM strategies, Revenue Generating Advertising Campaigns, Local Business Presence, and Online Campaign Managment.

All this is done in an affordable and scalable way so that you can manage your undertakings and growth without growing pains.

If you are would like your web presence to communicate directly to your customers with a minimum of work, you have found your solution here.

Call 801-784-0339 or email at



For any services not quoted by project or monthly fee, the standard rate is typically $55.00/hr for custom web work, print work, logo work, seo work, etc. Spec work may be peformed for slightly less. If you would like quotes on your project, please contact us.


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