Change My Name

Change My Name

I saw this on GoDaddys home page the other day. It is a great testimonial for the company, and I too love GoDaddy. They have done a great job at creating good offerings at good prices and I really believe they were a huge factor in making domain name registration affordable for many. 

Anyway, this testimonial guy is great. And I mean absolutely no offense, but I think I would change my name. Now I never had too much issue with my name but my son has recounted stories of kids changing his name from Broadhead to Breadhead and the like. Most commonly my last name just gets changed to Broadbent as that seems to be a more common name. My mum's side of the family was Schmitz and I have heard some interesting things there like checkbooks coming back from the bank printers with misspellings like Mr. & Mrs. Schitz.... oops....forgot an important consonant.

So here is the testimonial:

"I just wanted to say how impressed I am by your prices, service and features!  I hesitated for a long time before purchasing a domain name, but I was referred to your service and I am glad I found you! makes it easy, affordable and fun to have your own domain and makes management a breeze.  Thanks for the great service and support!  I will be a long-time customer!"

- Josh Assing
  Anderson Island, WA

Yeah...I think I just might change my name. Maybe.... 

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