Wonderdull, Wonderdulldrum


Wonderdull: Adjective

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  1. Having the supposed or intended quality of wonderful, but in actual practice or in reality, being extremely dull, boring, or monotonous. This meaning is often used facetiously or ironically.
  2. The quality of being astonishingly boring to the point of wonderment or being amazingly dull. This meaning is used straight-up, neat, or on the rocks.
  • "My first day back to work was wonderdull."
  • "The blind date had no *moment* either good or bad. At best we can say it was wonderdull."
  • "That lengthy task went wonderdully well."
  • "She was truly Ms. Wonderdull, exiting her home only to acquire more cat food for her feline flat-mates."

This word is most often found as a typographical error or slip of the tongue with humorous or ironic effect. I have fallen into the habit of using it  intentionally for many a banal event.

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